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I am the author of three books torn from my heart offering hope to the complexities of our modern world through the wisdom of our historical past. Ulysses Dream is my latest book and is an historical romance being released by Koehler Books and Ingram publishing in the fall of 2016. Ulysses Dream will let your creativity free to envision the beautiful possibilities hidden in this age of cataclysmic collisions between people groups. Our present history presents a perfect setting for a romance between a beautiful illegal immigrant girl kidnapped and sold into human trafficking only to escape and live in the city dump of Tegucigalpa. Honduras and then follow an odyssey to the Pacific Northwest of the United States where she falls in love with a broken Nez Perce boy warrior. And together they discover the primitive hope to challenge separation by war, pop culture, and the overwhelming power of an international gang. Purchase your copy of Ulysses Dream today!

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Ulysses Dream is a romantic thriller. For readers looking for inspirational books on analogies of marginalization, Dr. Tim White's novel presents the complex subject in an entertaining narrative.

Ulysses Dream
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Dr. Tim White's third novel is a modern retelling of the Ulysses myth. Our modern heroes are separated by the cruelty of human trafficking and the war modern society wages on native cultures, but there is hope that they will reunite again.

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Ulysses Dream is a historical fiction novel. Excelent reviews are coming back on the book that's being released October 20th 2016!

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Dr. Tim White is a published writer and a senior pastor. On top of his responsibilities, he has a loving family with a brand new grandson.

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Ulysses Dream is a historical fiction written by Dr. Tim White that helps relate the plight of indigenous people. This captivating romantic adventure will touch the hearts of both males and females. Through an entertaining fictional tale, a light shines on the history of indigenous groups that readers can understand and enjoy. It is an inspirational novel as an analogy that will encourage anyone who feels bitter at the wounds from their past and feels victim to the marginalization of their present.
The book is a dream, and it will inspire you to dream new beautiful dreams.
Dr. Tim White, the author of Ulysses Dream loves his wife Jackie, his family, friends, and church. He is also quite fond of his dog. Since the birth of his only grandson Elias Rey Timoteo Diaz, being a follower of Jesus Christ has taken a deeper commitment in his life, and he is doing everything he can to build friendships with other religions and worldviews. More..

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Dr. Tim White Author, working in Seattle, WA, has come out with a new historical fiction.
It helps shed a light on the history of indigenous people.

We Support the AFE (Amor Fe Esperanza), Which Means, Love, Faith, and Hope in Honduras. It Provides an Education Opportunity For Up To 142 Children As a Way Out Of Their Cycle Of Poverty Where Children Literally Scavenge
Through Garbage For Their Existence.

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