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A Captivating Historical Romance

Dr. Tim White Author working in Seattle, Washington, has a romantic thriller for those looking for entertaining books on immigration and modern day marginalization. For more information on plot and themes, flip to the back cover.

A refreshing new voice on the commentary of modern society.

Ulysses Dream is a captivating historical romance innovatively told as a fresh retelling of the timeless story of Ulysses set in our time confronting the shallowness of modernity from an indigenous primitive perspective. On a deeper level the inspirational analogy between a Hispanic broken girl raised in a Central American city dump and a primitive Native American boy raised in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest opens a new door of perspectives to the trending conversation on immigration from the marginalized perspective. This drama is an analogy of faith and storytelling - the modern and primitive that expands our thinking about toxic religion and genuine hope. This fireside modern myth is rich in the lost art of storytelling and will surprise you with its shocking conclusion.

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Ulysses Dream

Ulysses Dream, A Drama set in the historical injustice of our time. Penelope is kidnapped by a gang and sold into human trafficking along with her little brother Homer at the age of six. She escapes and flees to the city dump in Teguciligapa where she lives in a hell on earth. Many of the poorest of the poor around the emerging world live in and around burning garbage with wild dogs, hogs, and cattle roaming through the garbage. Vultures soar overhead and they literally live in cardboard and plastic boxes. From this hell on earth Penelope follows an epic odyssey to escape the gang that believes they own her. She journeys with the Santos family to the Pacific Northwest of the United States to live and work in the orchards? Here living as an illegal she struggles through a crucible that few Americans know about or understand in Ulysses Dream.

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Learn history while having fun with a novel of authentic American patriotism for the next generation. Penelope Isabela Morales Santos meets and falls in love with Ulysees Looking Glass Sundown a broken Nez Perce warrior from a long line of broken idealists. They fall in love and he becomes the hero she has been searching for in all of the horrific challenges of her life.

A timeless romance fighting against impossible odds. Ulysses is part of a wonderful family of brothers toughened by the adventure of their native past and prepared to be heroes. His heroism causes him to be taken away to become a marine in 1968 going to Vietnam and using his mountain skills to lead a very skilled Long Range Recon unit.

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Ulysses Dream

Ulysses Dream is a historical fiction that helps relate the plight of indigenous people. This captivating romantic adventure will touch your heart. The novel is an entertaining tale, as well as a light shining on the history of indigenous groups that allows readers to learn about the history of both natives of the American continent. One of the purposes of the book is to engage readers as they redefine and are inspired to an authentic patriotism for our nation - from the surprising perspective of marginalized people groups. This epic adventure of a romance set in the middle of conflict of ethnicities and political philosophies serves as an analogy for a dialogue to renew your faith in life as it ought to be lived in spite of the most difficult challenges imaginable.


"I (Penelope) was his worst nightmare-a former victim who had strength that he never imagined. I followed their trail as a Nez Perce. I was not going to let these men continue to impose their evil ways on little children any longer. I could hear war drums. I took mud and put the stripes of war paint on my face."


Ulysses Dream is historical fiction and the third book by Dr. Tim White. The books have been receiving good reviews from the religious community he lives near. The book is available in hardback for $25.00, paperback for $16.95, and digital Kindle™  edition for $3.99. Romance readers, inspirational audiences, and readers of historical fiction will be particularly impressed