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The Ulysses Myth Retold

Dr. Tim White Author, working in Seattle, Washington, has a new retelling of the Ulysses myth. Focusing on the redemption of its two main characters against a human trafficking, it helps relate the condition of ancient cultures that still exist in the shadow of modern civilization. To learn more about the Author, Dr. Tim White, read about the author's background.

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Ulysses Dream is dramatic transparent myth told around the fire in the rugged Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon by a gorgeous Honduran woman named Penelope. As a child, she was kidnapped and trafficked by the international gang MS-13. A deeply scared illegal immigrant girl, she meets a Nez Perce boy named Ulysses Looking Glass Sundown, who is a broken hero from a long line of broken heroes dating back to Chief Joseph. Both of them have followed tumultuous personal crucibles. Penelope's future love Ulysses, his six brothers, and their faithful dog try to survive while being hunted by a large brown bear in the high mountains.


This enthralling saga is the ancient Ulysses myth told in today's world confronting the weakness of today's world's conflict between cultures which are as old as time. A primitive worldview is presented as Ulysses is sent to Vietnam and must fight to return to Penelope and their son Telemachus. Once he returns he must battle on the pop culture stage of professional football and the Olympics to win a place of safety for his archetypical family. Penelope grows to become her own hero as she confronts dark forces behind human trafficking herself.

Closing Thoughts

Just like Ulysses the drama is that we want the family to be reunited and resolve the forces that have kept them separate. Can this myth be resolved to the inspiration of the reader in an age where sad endings are the dominant story of our lives? The conclusion will surprise even the most seasoned readers at anticipating plot lines. And yet a new door of insight and inspiration will be opened by the wisdom of this ancient myth.